A walk in the clouds at Bisutex

01 March 2018

The 61st edition of Bisutex, the International Fashion Jewellery and Accessories Trade Fair, was held recently, from 31 January to 4 February, at IFEMA’s Hall 4 in Madrid.

Visitors to the fair, with the help of 545 companies from 17 countries, found out about the latest trends and collections of a great variety of articles: fashion jewellery, glasses, handbags, watches, hats, foulards, hair accessories, belts and, of course, umbrellas.

The stand we created to introduce our new designs and collections for CLIMA M&P, CLIMA bisetti and our “by Clima” brands, such as C Collection, Pertegaz, Mr. Wonderful, Pierre Cardin or Smiley, invited visitors to a pleasant “walk in the clouds”to discover the latest developments of our brands.

We also had the chance to present two of our new developments of this year: the CLIMA M&P author umbrella, with the designs by Vasco Mourão and the new CLIMA bisetti BRAVA collection, with modern patterns inspired by popular illustrations and culture.

If you missed the chance to come, check the pictures in this post to see the design of the stand and some of our new umbrellas, which were created to protect, and designed to move to emotion.

Finally, we’d like to take the opportunity of this blog to thank all our clients, contributors and friends who paid us a visit these days at Bisutex.

Check out the Making of the new Clima 2018 collections

25 January 2018

Clima bid farewell to 2017 with the photo shoot and filming of the upcoming season’s umbrella collection.

Sites chosen as sets were the well-known Casa Amatller, one of the most recognised Art Nouveau style homes in Barcelona, the Faborit Café, the exteriors of the Museu Can Framis and the Parc del Centre in Poblenou; as well as the facilities belonging to the events company La Clandestina for interior shots.

The Freeland advertising agency, which oversees promotion of our brands, worked in collaboration with the duo of photographers from La Dichosa, Xavi and Majo, who were responsible for using their cameras to capture the umbrellas sported by models chosen from the Salvador Models agency for this production: Ana Carolina Benítez, Patxi Areito, Óscar Calpe and the instagramer Alba Duch with styling by Núria Vila and MUAH by Imanol Fuentes.

In addition, the Lite production team made up of Víctor, Yeray and Dani was responsible for the shooting of several video clips that we’ll soon share with you via this blog and our social networks.

Click play and find out before anyone else about the trends that the Clima 2018 umbrella collection is bringing your way. And by the way, Happy New Year!

CLIMA bisetti 2018: Digital Harmony

25 January 2018

Digital Harmony is the concept by which the new CLIMA bisetti 2018 collection has been designed.

But let’s break it down to get a better understanding of it. A concept is the formulation of an idea or an image through words. The term comes from the Latin word conceptus, which means conceived or formed in the mind.

And what our designers have conceived in their mind’s eye is a collection that won’t leave you indifferent. It’s inspired by the digital times we live in where, anywhere we go, nature coexists with technology. We’re talking about a balance between what we are and what we do, between what’s simple and what’s complex.

Discover everything that’s behind Digital Harmony in this video that we’ve put together to introduce you to CLIMA bisetti’s highlights for 2018.

CLIMA M&P 2018: Attitude and elegance

25 January 2018

The past is very much present at Clima M&P. Elegance never goes out of style and even less so in the times we live in, where the classics are trendsetters and modernity goes hand in hand with tradition.

That’s why the CLIMA M&P collection for the 2018 season is based on the idea of looking back and reinterpreting the classics. Thus, the collection is inspired by the convergence between the past and present. It’s a space where glamour, beauty and style take the most diverse forms with bold and striking designs in which black predominates with subtilities of colour and gold.

It sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Well, if you’d like to know more about the new umbrellas that we’ve created based on these retro trends, all you have to do is click play for this video and see CLIMA M&P’s highlights for 2018.