CLIMA M&P 2018: Attitude and elegance

25 January 2018

The past is very much present at Clima M&P. Elegance never goes out of style and even less so in the times we live in, where the classics are trendsetters and modernity goes hand in hand with tradition.

That’s why the CLIMA M&P collection for the 2018 season is based on the idea of looking back and reinterpreting the classics. Thus, the collection is inspired by the convergence between the past and present. It’s a space where glamour, beauty and style take the most diverse forms with bold and striking designs in which black predominates with subtilities of colour and gold.

It sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Well, if you’d like to know more about the new umbrellas that we’ve created based on these retro trends, all you have to do is click play for this video and see CLIMA M&P’s highlights for 2018.

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