CLIMA M&P 2019 NEW COLLECTION: Timeless mood

31 January 2019

Time is relative. Every now and then it seems like time slows down and on other occasions it moves forward so quickly that we don’t have time for reflection and analysis. In this context, cities are presented as an oasis where time, creativity, and style live together in perfect harmony.

The CLIMA M&P collection for 2019 is inspired by life in big cities and the world of architecture. Always balanced, always evolving. With urban and minimalist designs captivating the city life dynamism, the glamour of daily life, studied style and sophistication of the metropolis in a palette of warm colours that give comfort to the ambiance.

In this video, learn about the trends and designs that play a starring role in the 2019 CLIMA M&P “Timeless Mood” collection.

2019 CLIMA bisetti NEW COLLECTION: Let’s get lost

29 January 2019

Nowadays where everything is calculated, measured, tested out, timed… there is something magical and poetic about getting lost. Getting off the beaten path and letting yourself be led by sensations and emotions is a way of discovering the world and finding oneself.

The CLIMA bisetti collection for 2019 is inspired by everyone that decides to go further. By those who get lost in order to find themselves Free spirits in a constant search for sensations: thinkers, navigators, visionaries, travellers, discoverers…

We tell them all to keep dreaming, creating, living. Because feelings are the engine that takes us to new unexplored spaces.

Discover everything behind “Let’s get lost” in this video we created to present to you the new CLIMA bisetti designs for 2019.

CLIMA umbrellas touch the sky in Perpignan

01 August 2018

Since last June, the visitors of the “Carré d´Or” shopping center in Perpignan ( France ) can avoid the heat and sun in an unusual way.

This is an original and amazing installation with more than 100 umbrellas of many different colors that welcome customers to the main entrance of this popular shopping center and allow some shadow on the hottest days of summer.

Brainchild and production: “S en Ciel”, agency specialized in decoration of events.

Another idea that shows how umbrellas can have a different use than its original purpose.

A walk in the clouds at Bisutex

01 March 2018

The 61st edition of Bisutex, the International Fashion Jewellery and Accessories Trade Fair, was held recently, from 31 January to 4 February, at IFEMA’s Hall 4 in Madrid.

With the aid of 545 companies from 17 countries, visitors to the fair were able to discover the latest trends and collections of a wide variety of articles: fashion jewellery, glasses, handbags, watches, hats, scarves, hair accessories, belts and, of course, umbrellas.

We created a stand where we could launch our new designs and collections for CLIMA M&P, CLIMA bisetti as well as our ‘by Clima’ brands, such as C Collection, Pertegaz, Mr. Wonderful, Pierre Cardin and Smiley. Visitors were invited to a pleasant ‘stroll in the clouds’ where they could discover the latest developments of our brands.

We also had the chance to present two of our new developments for this year: the CLIMA M&P signature umbrella, with designs by Vasco Mourão, and the new CLIMA bisetti BRAVA collection, with modern prints inspired by universal illustrations and culture.

If you missed the event, take a look at the pictures in this post to see the design of the stand and some of our new umbrellas, made to protect you from the rain and designed to give you a thrill.

Finally, we’d like to take the opportunity of this blog to thank all our customers, collaborators and friends who came to visit us at Bisutex.

Check out the Making-of the new Clima collections for 2018

25 January 2018

Clima bid farewell to 2017 with the photo shoot and filming of the upcoming season’s umbrella collection.

Sites chosen as sets were the well-known Casa Amatller, one of the most recognised Modernista-style homes in Barcelona, the Faborit Café, the exteriors of Museu Can Framis and Parc del Centre in Poblenou; as well as the facilities belonging to La Clandestina events company for interior shots.

The Freeland advertising agency, in charge of promoting our brands, worked in collaboration with the photography duo from La Dichosa, Xavi and Majo, who were responsible for photographing the umbrellas sported by models from the Salvador Models agency, chosen especially for this production: Ana Carolina Benítez, Patxi Areito, Óscar Calpe and the Instagrammer, Alba Duch. Styling by Núria Vila and MUAH by Imanol Fuentes.

In addition, the Lite production team made up of Víctor, Yeray and Dani was responsible for filming several video clips that we’ll soon share with you on this blog and our social networks.

Click play and be the first to find out about the trends that the Clima 2018 umbrella collection is bringing your way. And, by the way, Happy New Year!

CLIMA bisetti 2018: Digital Harmony

25 January 2018

We live in a digital era, where technology and nature live together, accompanying us wherever we go. We need to strike a balance between who we are and what we do: nothing too simple, nor too complex.

The harmony we seek is the inspiration behind the CLIMA bisetti collection for 2018.

A range created by our designers that is sure to impress you. A collection full of contrasts, balance and colour.

Discover all that’s behind Digital Harmony in this video that we’ve put together to introduce you to CLIMA bisetti’s highlights for 2018.

CLIMA M&P 2018: Attitude and elegance

25 January 2018

The past is very much present at Clima M&P. Elegance never goes out of style and even less so in the times we live in, where the classics are trendsetters and modernity goes hand in hand with tradition.

That’s why the CLIMA M&P collection for 2018 is based on the idea of looking back and reinterpreting the classics. As a result, the collection is inspired by the convergence between the past and present. A space where glamour, beauty and style take the most diverse forms with bold and striking designs in which black predominates with subtle colourful and golden touches.

It sounds interesting, doesn’t it? If you’d like to know more about our new umbrellas based on these retro trends, click on the video to see what CLIMA M&P has in store for 2018.