Clima umbrellas play a leading role in the new Tantarantana theatre season presentation

01 October 2019

To most people, umbrellas are a fashion accessory that protect us from the rain. However, an umbrella is much more than that. It can be a symbol of distinction, a support for walking or, as it is for the Tantarantana theatre and CLIMA, a key factor in our respective stories.

Here at CLIMA we have been creating umbrellas for a hundred years and the Tantarantana theatre exhibition and creation centre was founded in a former umbrella factory. For these reasons umbrellas were the stars of the press conference and presentation ceremony of Tantarantana’s new 2019-2020 season programme in mid-September.

More than 50 CLIMA umbrellas – on the access stairs, on the ceiling, around the projection screen and in various corners of this theatre creativity incubator called Tantarantana – reminded the theatre companies and the press of the industrial origins of the space. But umbrellas also represent the concepts of opening, protection, welcome and meeting that reflect the idiosyncrasy of the theatre.

Here at CLIMA we love to collaborate with cultural groups and creative initiatives of all kinds. It is a way to open up new creative paths and nurture the flame of inspiration. We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the invitation to this presentation of the new season.

Don’t miss the photos and video that accompany this post if you want to check out the decoration and the news about Tantarantana’s new season.

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