CLIMA M&P 2019 NEW COLLECTION: Timeless mood

31 January 2019

Time is relative. Every now and then it seems like time slows down and on other occasions it moves forward so quickly that we don’t have time for reflection and analysis. In this context, cities are presented as an oasis where time, creativity, and style live together in perfect harmony.

The CLIMA M&P collection for 2019 is inspired by life in big cities and the world of architecture. Always balanced, always evolving. With urban and minimalist designs captivating the city life dynamism, the glamour of daily life, studied style and sophistication of the metropolis in a palette of warm colours that give comfort to the ambiance.

In this video, learn about the trends and designs that play a starring role in the 2019 CLIMA M&P “Timeless Mood” collection.

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